Building lists is, without any doubt, the most important key factor for all the Internet marketers: thanks to its revolutionary and unconventional features, WP Super Popup Pro is a WordPress Plugin which can really grow your subscriber or sales increasing rate by 400% just after being installed!

It is proved that a modal and graphically attractive popup provides an higher conversion rate than other more conventional ways: WordPress Super Popup Pro will make you able to easily create and manage modal, beautiful and unblockable popups, exit popups or sliding layers which can be used for creating subscription forms or to promote your products in a more profitable way on your WordPress powered website.

Here’s a graph representing the subscribers increasing rate after installing the plugin on one of my websites:

Before May 15th my subscription form was placed on the sidebar and after every single post. On May 15 I installed WP Super Popup PRO and configured it in order to show (not more than three times for a single visitor) my subscription form inside an unblockable popup… The image above is self explanatory!

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Key features of WP Super Popup Pro

  • Multiple popup graphical themes: you can choose between 5 different popup themes (strong, slim, rounded or squared border)
  • Multiple popup types: your can choose between a standard popup (centered in the window) or a sliding layer (coming up from the bottom or coming down from the top)
  • Different custom popups: you can just create a single popup for the entire website or also create a custom popup for every single page or post
  • Email auto-load: your subscription form will automatically pre-load the user name and email if he previously left a comment on your blog
  • Real WYSIWYG: The popup content is not affected by the stylesheets of your blog: what you edit is EXACTLY what you will see inside the popup.
  • Embed everything: inside the popup you can ember a custom content, a blog page content or also an external url
  • Live preview: you can directly test any update before saving the configuration options
  • Full compatibility with any caching plugin: the cookies are handled on the client side so the plugin is not affected by issues related to any caching plugin
  • Sidebar, page and post injection: your subscription forms can also be loaded as widgets on the sidebar or inside any page/post published on the blog
  • Custom Thank you messages: if you use a mailing service like Aweber or GetResponse you can easily replace its standard confirmation page with you own thank you message
  • Multiple opening options: you can configure your popup in order to be opened for a certain number of times, every a certain number of days or just when a visitor is going to leave your website (exit popup)
  • Custom popup positioning: by default the popup will appear at the centre of the page, but you’ll be able to specify an absolute position


WP Super Popup Pro is compatible with WordPress 2.8 and later.

60 Day Money-Back

If you’re not satisfied with the product , simply send us an email explaining your reasons and I’ll refund your money.
You’ve got a full 60 days to try out the product. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee.



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