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Maybe you’re not aware that if you install on your blog a caching plugin like Wp Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, your popup plugin will become totally unusable and stop working!

As you probably know, a caching plugin works by saving and statically serving the pages, skypping the PHP dynamic generation of the page: this also means that if you install a caching plugin and if your popup plugin handles the cookies (that control how often the popup will be shown) by using the PHP variable $_COOKIES, your popup will definitively stop working!

This cannot be necessarily considered as a bug, but it is just a design issue that anyway forces you to disable your cache…

Fortunately¬†Wp Super Popup Pro doesn’t suffer from this problem because it makes use of an alternative solution: it handles the cookies on the client side by using only Javascript functions instead of the server side cookie handling, which requires a PHP function execution for every request!

Thanks to this technique, Wp Super Popup Pro will work with your preferred caching plugin without any problem!